Everyone knows the saying, “Too much is too bad,” and this applies to good things and essential things of life like exercise. Exercising daily is good not only for the body but also for the mind but sometimes in our zeal to have too much health, we cross over the line and then trouble begins. To know if you are exercising too much read on.

  1. Lower immunity: If despite exercise you end up falling sick and you feel fatigued, you have overworked the body; stop and relax.
  2. Extended sense of fatigue: If you feel your energy levels dipping without you being sick, you have pushed yourself too much and the body is crying for respite.
  3. Excessive weight loss: Exercise must be well complemented with proper nutrition; that said, if without intending to lose weight you end up on a lighter scale, you are overworking.
  4. Increased irritability: When the body is not able to cope with the excessive stress of over exercising it will present itself as excessive irritability.
  5. High BP: Exercising control hypertension but when you overdo it the reverse happens and it can lead to high blood pressure.
  6. Resting heart rate is high: A parameter often used to measure fitness is the heart rate in a resting position; it is 72 BPM for a healthy individual but for a fit person it is usually 50 or 60 BPM. In case, your BPM is higher than that you really have crossed the limit. There are various gadgets to aid in your fitness goal at ApexHealthAndCare.
  7.  Muscle soreness lasts: Usually after a vigorous workout it is natural for the muscles to be sore but if the soreness persists even after three days then you have not given the body the time to recover and overworked it.
  8. No improvement in fitness: If despite all the hard work you feel you have plateaued then the culprit is overworking. Take time off.