Top 10 Things to Expect After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

By Ricardo Long

A Brazilian butt lift is an innovative fat transfer procedure that provides a noticeable augmentation without the use of implants. For finding a surgeon for any such modern procedure, you would discover to be a useful option. Once you have made your decision to get a Brazilian butt lift here are a few things to expect after the procedure –

1.    You would not be allowed to sit on your buttocks for several days after the process.

2.    The size of your buttocks might initially look bigger than intended. The symmetry, size and the shape all stabilize a few weeks after the surgery.

3.    There are plenty of ways in which you can find a comfortable seating posture without exerting pressure on the buttocks region.

4.    There are compression garments prescribed to be worn after the surgery. These offer support to the treated area.

5.    Bandage might have to be left undisturbed to prevent the accumulation of fluids around the incisions.

6.    The recovery time might be longer or shorter than the recommended duration. The time taken for complete recovery depends on how well you stick with the post-surgery care routines.

7.    For a few days before and after the surgery, your weight should remain constant. So you might not be able to carry on with your weight loss regimes for a short while after the procedure.

8.    Mild pains are prone to occur in the area where the incision was made. This can be eased with the help of an analgesic.

9.    You might have to revamp your wardrobe to find clothes that make you feel comfortable even with the bandage.

10.    The results of the surgery look stunning, and the before and after comparison looks unbelievable after this procedure. So be ready to have your mind blown away.…

8 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

By Ricardo Long

Everyone knows the saying, “Too much is too bad,” and this applies to good things and essential things of life like exercise. Exercising daily is good not only for the body but also for the mind but sometimes in our zeal to have too much health, we cross over the line and then trouble begins. To know if you are exercising too much read on.

  1. Lower immunity: If despite exercise you end up falling sick and you feel fatigued, you have overworked the body; stop and relax.
  2. Extended sense of fatigue: If you feel your energy levels dipping without you being sick, you have pushed yourself too much and the body is crying for respite.
  3. Excessive weight loss: Exercise must be well complemented with proper nutrition; that said, if without intending to lose weight you end up on a lighter scale, you are overworking.
  4. Increased irritability: When the body is not able to cope with the excessive stress of over exercising it will present itself as excessive irritability.
  5. High BP: Exercising control hypertension but when you overdo it the reverse happens and it can lead to high blood pressure.
  6. Resting heart rate is high: A parameter often used to measure fitness is the heart rate in a resting position; it is 72 BPM for a healthy individual but for a fit person it is usually 50 or 60 BPM. In case, your BPM is higher than that you really have crossed the limit. There are various gadgets to aid in your fitness goal at ApexHealthAndCare.
  7.  Muscle soreness lasts: Usually after a vigorous workout it is natural for the muscles to be sore but if the soreness persists even after three days then you have not given the body the time to recover and overworked it.
  8. No improvement in fitness: If despite all the hard work you feel you have plateaued then the culprit is overworking. Take time off.

How To Get Your Kids In The Garden

By Ricardo Long

It’s a normal incidence. Every single person in the family hooked onto a different gadget is an accepted norm of the society these days. More so ever, you need to take those steps to get your kids out of that couch and get on to the real world. There are some ways to keep them out of the reach of gadgets. Recently my friend found great toys on DoodleBuckets which can help children explore their creativity. Gardening is another excellent way of promoting your child to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the world. Read on further to get your kids involved in planting.

•    Give them their personal space in your garden. It gives the responsibility of maintaining the place, and you will be excited to see the happiness in their faces.

•    Gift them their supplies. Be it a tool or a pot which they can call it their own.  Let them choose their instruments, with an array of colors.

•    Pick seeds that proliferate. It makes sure that their interest levels are kept high, by watching the process.

•    Keep them informed of the process involved. Make them do their homework on time is taken for each variety of plant growth and ways of nourishing the plants.

•    Participation from their end gets them connected with the process, which is the ultimate success.

•    Work along with them so that they don’t consider it as an assigned task. Your time spent along with them can create some beautiful memories for both of you.

•    Get creative in the arrangement of the planters or pots. The key is to keep them excited throughout and getting them involved.

•    Making them grow vegetables is an excellent way of making them eat it too. Even picky kids tend to eat vegetables which are a fruit of their labor. …

Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Benefits

By Ricardo Long

Weight loss can be achieved in various ways. This is a tricky process because there are plenty of techniques for weight loss and it is difficult to know which one would work for you till you try it. You would find useful information about losing weight naturally using traditional medicine on website. One of the most popular methods that many people follow for losing weight is intermittent fasting.

This diet is not just useful for losing weight but also in many other ways. This is when you fast with a goal for some time during the day and do this regularly. Various methods could be adapted to follow this fasting. Skipping special meals is one way and dumping food on particular days of the week is another.

1.    Better regulation of the blood pressure

Intermittent fasting is said to lower the blood pressure. This can, therefore, be beneficial for those with hypertension. The other most important benefit for the cardiovascular system is the reduced cholesterol levels in the body with intermittent fasting.

2.    Autophagy and brain health

The central nervous system is said to benefit in multiple ways with intermittent fasting. Autophagy is where the strain on the central nervous system is brought down by terminating the interactions with dead cells and with the organs that are not functioning anymore. This is accelerated with intermittent fasting. Also, the brain aging process is said to slow down in those who fast intermittently.

3.    Weight loss

When your body fasts, the body utilizes the reserved fat and burns it to release energy. This is a natural and safe way to lose weight.

4.    Lower cancer risks

Some health-related triggers can spark the onset of cancer in those who belong to the high-risk category. Intermittent fasting can be useful in such cases to lower the risks of cancer.

5.    Treat depression

Mild levels of depression can also be tackled through intermittent fasting plans. This is also known to be helpful for those with mood-related issues.…

The Routine Changes That Are Proven To Improve Skin

By Ricardo Long

Every single day we are at the constant struggle to keep the skin healthy and radiant. The secret to achieving glowing skin is not locked across seven seas and mountains. Sticking on to the following simple skin care routines can significantly boost the health of the skin, without breaking the bank.

•    Green tea is miracle stuff whose health benefits are endless. It not only aids in weight loss but also prevents skin irritations and fight blemishes. So, sip at least two cups of green per day for the benefit of your skin.

•    Peppermint tea is packed with essential anti-oxidants, which helps you to attain a clean and clear skin. Have a cup before bed and witness the difference in the soonest.

•    A big yes to exfoliate your skin one or two times per week. Exfoliation is a magical way to unclog the skin pores and to get rid of the dead cells accumulated over the surface.

•    Jojoba oil is a great ingredient to trick the skin into producing minimum oil and also to achieve natural matte results. It also acts as a serum and an effective makeup remover.

•    Oil massage before snuggling down to sleep has proven skin care benefits. Rose or coconut oil is highly recommended as they penetrate deep inside the skin, exfoliates and offers a moisturizing treat.

•    Munch chocolates daily. Yes, dark chocolates, in particular, are rich in antioxidants which helps to repair skin tissues and keep it firm and wrinkle-free.

•    Food plays a significant role in ensuring healthy and radiant skin. Fill your platter with red! Nutritious tomatoes are rich in lycopene which can improve the elasticity of the skin, and thus cooked vegetables serve as the best feast for your skin.

Nice Skin Zone has more daily skin care regimes to rely on for good.…

Tips for Lifting and Carrying Luggage to Prevent Injury

By Ricardo Long

Travel depicts hurried sprints and long lines sprawling through the terminals.  Also, it is associated with shoulder, back, wrist and neck pain and at times you even might get injured lifting and carrying heavy luggage. Hence, in order to make sure that you reach back home safely without any injuries it is very much important that you pick the right bag, pack it and carry it right.  Visit LuxTime for more options to choose from before travel, to pick the apt one for you. Below mentioned are a few tips you need to follow in order to avoid any luggage-related injury.

  • Whenever you buy new luggage choose a light piece with handle and wheels that is sturdy.
  • Do not overstuff the bag, you should pack it lightly. It is best if you pack the times in one or more small bags rather than packing everything in one large piece. Most of the airlines prohibit carrying check-in baggage that weighs more than 40 lbs.
  • When you lift a heavy bag, always ensure that you stand alongside the bag and bend at knees and not at the waist. Lift the bag giving pressure to leg muscles by grasping the handle. Once the luggage is lifted, you should hold it quite close to the body.
  • You should never rush or be in a hurry while carrying or lifting the suitcase.
  • You should not carry a heavy bag for a longer time period. If at all the bag is heavy, it is best that you check-in the luggage instead of carrying it on a bus, plane or train.
  • If you are carrying a backpack, ensure that it got adjustable shoulder straps and has two pads. Never sling the backpack over your one shoulder as the weight does not get distributed evenly and can cause strain on your muscles.