It’s a normal incidence. Every single person in the family hooked onto a different gadget is an accepted norm of the society these days. More so ever, you need to take those steps to get your kids out of that couch and get on to the real world. There are some ways to keep them out of the reach of gadgets. Recently my friend found great toys on DoodleBuckets which can help children explore their creativity. Gardening is another excellent way of promoting your child to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the world. Read on further to get your kids involved in planting.

•    Give them their personal space in your garden. It gives the responsibility of maintaining the place, and you will be excited to see the happiness in their faces.

•    Gift them their supplies. Be it a tool or a pot which they can call it their own.  Let them choose their instruments, with an array of colors.

•    Pick seeds that proliferate. It makes sure that their interest levels are kept high, by watching the process.

•    Keep them informed of the process involved. Make them do their homework on time is taken for each variety of plant growth and ways of nourishing the plants.

•    Participation from their end gets them connected with the process, which is the ultimate success.

•    Work along with them so that they don’t consider it as an assigned task. Your time spent along with them can create some beautiful memories for both of you.

•    Get creative in the arrangement of the planters or pots. The key is to keep them excited throughout and getting them involved.

•    Making them grow vegetables is an excellent way of making them eat it too. Even picky kids tend to eat vegetables which are a fruit of their labor.