Every single day we are at the constant struggle to keep the skin healthy and radiant. The secret to achieving glowing skin is not locked across seven seas and mountains. Sticking on to the following simple skin care routines can significantly boost the health of the skin, without breaking the bank.

•    Green tea is miracle stuff whose health benefits are endless. It not only aids in weight loss but also prevents skin irritations and fight blemishes. So, sip at least two cups of green per day for the benefit of your skin.

•    Peppermint tea is packed with essential anti-oxidants, which helps you to attain a clean and clear skin. Have a cup before bed and witness the difference in the soonest.

•    A big yes to exfoliate your skin one or two times per week. Exfoliation is a magical way to unclog the skin pores and to get rid of the dead cells accumulated over the surface.

•    Jojoba oil is a great ingredient to trick the skin into producing minimum oil and also to achieve natural matte results. It also acts as a serum and an effective makeup remover.

•    Oil massage before snuggling down to sleep has proven skin care benefits. Rose or coconut oil is highly recommended as they penetrate deep inside the skin, exfoliates and offers a moisturizing treat.

•    Munch chocolates daily. Yes, dark chocolates, in particular, are rich in antioxidants which helps to repair skin tissues and keep it firm and wrinkle-free.

•    Food plays a significant role in ensuring healthy and radiant skin. Fill your platter with red! Nutritious tomatoes are rich in lycopene which can improve the elasticity of the skin, and thus cooked vegetables serve as the best feast for your skin.

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