A Brazilian butt lift is an innovative fat transfer procedure that provides a noticeable augmentation without the use of implants. For finding a surgeon for any such modern procedure, you would discover https://mymeditravel.com to be a useful option. Once you have made your decision to get a Brazilian butt lift here are a few things to expect after the procedure –

1.    You would not be allowed to sit on your buttocks for several days after the process.

2.    The size of your buttocks might initially look bigger than intended. The symmetry, size and the shape all stabilize a few weeks after the surgery.

3.    There are plenty of ways in which you can find a comfortable seating posture without exerting pressure on the buttocks region.

4.    There are compression garments prescribed to be worn after the surgery. These offer support to the treated area.

5.    Bandage might have to be left undisturbed to prevent the accumulation of fluids around the incisions.

6.    The recovery time might be longer or shorter than the recommended duration. The time taken for complete recovery depends on how well you stick with the post-surgery care routines.

7.    For a few days before and after the surgery, your weight should remain constant. So you might not be able to carry on with your weight loss regimes for a short while after the procedure.

8.    Mild pains are prone to occur in the area where the incision was made. This can be eased with the help of an analgesic.

9.    You might have to revamp your wardrobe to find clothes that make you feel comfortable even with the bandage.

10.    The results of the surgery look stunning, and the before and after comparison looks unbelievable after this procedure. So be ready to have your mind blown away.